Real Japan Fukui

The Stories of Fukui

Welcome to the stories of Fukui.

Fukui Prefecture boasts a long history. For over 1,300 years it was the cultural gateway to the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto from the Asian continent. As such, it is dotted with historically valuable sites, including venerable Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. For that reason, the story of Fukui Prefecture is deeply linked with the story of Japan.
Many Japanese traditions are rapidly being lost to modernization, however in Fukui Prefecture, the old ways, daily living culture, including handcraft artistry and a healthy food culture have been carefully preserved, and continue to thrive.
History, faith, town views, traditional crafts, festivals and food.
The culture long cherished by the Japanese remains alive here, and over the years has become entwined as part of the story of Fukui Prefecture.
This booklet introduces just some of the culture, attractions and allure that Fukui Prefecture has to offer. We're sure you will discover the Real Japan through the history and culture found in Fukui.

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